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  • Polyurethane coating

    Polyurethane coating

    Anti Water Anti Corrossion Anti Rusty Anti Impact Anti Slip Anti Abrasion Product Details Waterborne Polyurethane waterproof coating Polyurethane waterproof coatings can be divided into one-component and two-component. One-component polyurethane waterproof coating, also known as moisture-curing polyurethane waterproof coating, is a reactive moisture-curing film-forming waterproof coating. It is applied to the waterproof base layer during use and is cured to crosslink into a tough, ...

  • Elastomer polyurea waterproof coating

    Elastomer polyurea waterproof coating

    Anti Water Anti Corrossion Anti Rusty Anti Impact Anti Slip Anti Abrasion Advanced Polyurea Waterproof Coating Systems Polyurea coating technology constitutes a more recent and advanced system than the traditional ones used in waterproofing and protective coating applications. However, Polyurea is not a specific coating system , it is not a new technology. In fact, it has been used successfully for four decades in many different applications all around the world. Our polyurea coati...

  • Metal roof waterproof coating

    Metal roof waterproof coating

    Anti Water Anti Corrossion Anti Rusty Anti Impact Anti Slip Anti Abrasion Product Details A high-quality waterproof coating made of pure acrylic emulsion, high-quality pigment and filler, supplemented with a waterproof system made of non-woven polyester fabric. The system can be a metal roofing lighting board.outstanding roofing ducts, fan ports, metal plate lap joints, reinforcement screws, gutters and other waterproof weak parts provide a complete solution with excellent fatigue ...

  • Swimming pool waterproof coating

    Swimming pool waterproof coating

    Anti Water Anti Corrossion Anti Rusty Anti Impact Anti Slip Anti Abrasion Product Details Mn-j55 anticorrosive and moisture-proof coating J55 type anticorrosive coating is composed of modified chlorosulfonated polyethylene, epoxy, acrylic acid and a variety of polymer synthetic resin, nano beads, additives and other organic and inorganic materials polymerized anticorrosive coating, the product has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-polluting, can be applied in the wet surface. I...

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Headquartered in the biggest warerproof materials area of China—Shouguang City. a professional factory with many kinds of waterproof coatings!Throughout the continually improvements of products and good marketing works, we have exported products to more than 20 countries. Welcome to visit our factory !

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  • Top-notch “waterproof clothing”! “Polyurea helps to build the first tunnel of the Han River in thousands of miles!

      The 5.4 km long Xiang Yang East-West Axis Project, known as the first tunnel on the Han River, is the largest inland river immersed tube tunnel in China, with a design life of 100 years. The heaviest section of the six immersed tubes in the dry dock of the East Branch was 31,200 tonnes, w...

  • Polyurea can withstand the Japanese tsunami

    In 2011, the massive earthquake in Japan triggered a tsunami, but several polyurea-protected storage tanks survived the catastrophe that could have destroyed everything. Tens of thousands of roads and infrastructure were destroyed during the earthquake and tsunami in Japan According to the develo...

  • Is transparent waterproof glue poisonous

    Is transparent waterproof glue poisonous? How can we buy more environmentally friendly transparent waterproof glue? Two component transparent waterproof polyurea can be said to be a kind of waterproof material often seen in waterproof repair. Its most prominent feature is that it can play the rol...

  • Polyurea floor: what are the advantages of defeating many floors and becoming a new favorite in the floor industry?

    Epoxy floor, wear-resistant floor, solidified floor These are our common floor types. However, in recent years, polyurea flooring began to enter our vision, beat other flooring, and became a new favorite in the flooring industry. It has been widely used in engineering fields such as wear resistan...

  • Polyurea anticorrosion

    In the process of using polyurea spraying equipment, there will be various problems, both for the reasons of the equipment itself and because the manufacturer does not pay enough attention to the construction technology. Through the analysis of the equipment, it can be clear how many failure mode...